iteraplan for Sparx EA (MDG)

Nemo et al UG
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Equip your Enterprise Architect users with a model-based framework for implementing architectures using the iteraplan notation. Tightly integrated with Sparx Enterprise Architect, iteraplan for Sparx EA extends UML 2.1 to support the iteraplan approach to enterprise architecure management.
This Enterprise Architect's plug-in introduces support for the latest iteraplan 3.X releases. Leveraging all the powers within Enterprise Architect, iteraplan for Sparx EA (MDG) empowers practitioners with built-in support for iteraplan types, relationships, Diagrams and much more. 

  • Use the same elements, names and relationships in both tools
  • iteraplan style in Sparx EA - Have iteraplan’s types, visuals and relationships at your modelling fingertips in Sparx EA

    Thanks to Bernd Moeske and for the support!
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    iteraplan for Sparx EA (MDG)

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